Beijing will become the powerful engine of world’s innovation by 2030, same as Chunpeng Company

publisher: Allen Zhang
Time: 2016-09-25

The State Council has issued a plan on transforming Beijing into a national scientific and technological innovation hub.


Beijings hi-tech zone Zhongguancun and the neighboring regions of Tianjin and Hebei Province also play an important role in supporting the innovation, as the document stresses.


In the future, the goverment will focus more on the fundamental research in cutting-edge technology, improved goverment services and creat a better environment for onnovation.


These things all happened in Chunpeng before. In 1994, Chunpeng factory was established on Daqiuzhuang Tianjin with the capatity of less than 10,000 tons. After 20 years’ effort, Chunpeng pc strand compay has already become the one of top manufucturer in China. Pc strand has been exported to more than 20 countries.


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