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Time: 2017-04-14
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Bicycle prosperity for urban residents to provide a new option short journeys in the city is expected to further promote the development of the healthy city, according to a report released on Wednesday.

The report, issued by Beijing Mobike technology co., LTD. And Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng urban planning design and research institute, found that bicycle sharing to revitalize the country's love for the bicycle as more Chinese will choose bicycles instead of cars to travel the city.

36 survey of about 100000 residents of the city fell 55% 53% lower in their travel by bus and by unlicensed motorcycle trip later, they began to use bicycle sharing.

Wang peng, deputy chief engineer of technology innovation center said Tsinghua Tongheng, sharing the bike since debut, fewer people travel by car.

"Before, travel by car accounted for 29.8% of the total number of traveling in the city, while only 5.5% of the traveling by bike.
After the booming trend of the public bicycle, dropped to 26.6% the proportion of travel by car, by bike doubled, the proportion of 11.6% (including private and Shared a bicycle).

Passion for technology sharing bicycle is not only among young people.
, according to data from the Mobike retired men generally more than 60 years old, they travel the longest time.

Most Mobike users who are born in the 1970 s, 1980 s and 1980 s, accounting for 70% of the total number of users.

From midnight to early morning, all city of Shenzhen in the ride a bike.
Shanghai has the most people using Shared bicycle to work.

Experts say the bicycle industry will help improve the overall urban environment.

Emerging public bicycle prosperity not only alleviate the urban traffic congestion, can also help more effective use of urban space, and the king said.

"In Beijing as an example, the normal can accommodate 10 bicycle parking car.
If there are more and more people choose to share the bike, then this area equivalent to five (5) the size of the bird's nest stadium area will be saved.

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