Steel Price Precast in July 2017

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Time: 2017-06-29
Steel Price Precast in July 2017
Released by Kay Yang  (                                     On June 29, 2017

As a leading manufacturer in prestressed strands in China, Tianjin Chunpeng Prestressed Concrete Strand Co., Ltd produce prestressed steel strand with annual production capacity 240000 tons in Tianjin China in 2017. We have three factories for prestressed steel strands, prestressed steel wires and metal & HDPE corrugated ducts.

Steel price went dramatically up three times in 2016, especially in May. That is like the first big up wave, which followed by small up wave for at least 4 times. The price stays in high position until now. 

In early 2017, the price is stable and start to show some signs to drop. However the signs were eliminated in May as the construction season is coming. From May to October, it is the most suitable months to do outdoors work for many projects.  So there is a predictable increasing demand in construction field locally. The up demand in domestic market for steel products enhance the faith for most of material factories to keep a high profit by lower their production capacity. In the meantime, China government released strict policy to reduce production capacity. According to government policy, China will decrease steel production capacity by more than 165 million tons by 2020. In Tianjin and Hebei 80% factories were effected, which lead to shortage of supply in local market.  When the supply is less than demand, the price is predicted to go up again in July. 

Indeed, we can trace some signs in China local future goods market. Price of iron ore is keeping rising in continues days. Today iron ore increase by 2.93%. With stable constriction demand in market and lower production supply, the steel price in July is just a beginning of rising price period.

There are some tips for you to get good price steel strand with lower price:
1> Keep an eye on recent raw material change. Place the order before the rising trend comes.
2> Ask your supplier to update your new price to follow up price changing.
3> Actually some sales know the price will go up, before their company releases new price. If they can suggest you to place order before the price is released, it may be useful to keep the purchase amount within your budget.
4> Choose a reliable contact person! 
For example, me ;) 

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