Something you should know about the rust of PC Strand

Something you should know about the rust of PC Strand

Our first-met customers sometimes complained to us that the PC Strand bought from others got rusty. So they repeatedly emphasized the importance of rust-proof. Now I am going to say something about issues related to the rusting of PC steel strand.

Rust-proof was starting from raw materials .

That’s why we,Chunpeng pc strand, use high-quality 77B/82B wire rods. Before putting the wire rod into the drawing machine, surface treatment is necessary , there are two types: mechanical descaling and acid pickling. Mechanical descaling, also known as physical removal, is a physical grinding methods to remove rust stains, environment-friendly but not completely derusted. Chemical descaling --- acid pickling is soaked in chemicals, derusted better but seriously polluted.

Rust is starting from this process.

Judging from the effect of derusting, acid pickling significantly superior, but as we all know, the Chinese Government start to strengthen environmental protection from 2016, leading to capacity-limited of major steel mills. So the factory will choose mechanical descaling to keep producing,but it also causes to rust during storage later. Meanwhile, if the oil spread nonuniformly or using poor quality oils, this can also lead to rust.

Improper packaging can lead to rust.

During the process of container-shipping, if the export packing is not correct, it's easy to rust in wet conditions. While ChunPeng PC strand takes most waterproof packaging, EIGHT steel bars fixed, TWO layers plastic wrap, isolating the contact of PC strand and steam.

If PC Strand is unfortunately rusted, then it also depends.

Minor rust has little influence on using, only unattractive in appearance, but we also need to use wire brush to remove rust stains, otherwise it will decrease the anchoring strength with concrete. But severe rust resulted in a reduction of performance to 90% will greatly affect the application, then you need to claim for your lose.

Anyway, I hope everyone could pay more attention to these details during the procurement of PC Strand to avoid rusting of steel strand. Or you can just buy PC strand from us -- CHUNPENG PC STRAND, then you will feel less worried about products you buy. We will provide you with the latest information on our website: