Step by step reading

Step by step reading

April 23rd is World Reading Day, So Id like to say something about the problems when I am reading.


Imagine this, You learned that someone recommended a book on the Facebook, Twitter, and then you buy it with excited, wandering the scene you finish the book. But the thing has been changed after receiving the book, its not as funny as you think before, so you quit after only reading several pages and put the book on the shelf. The situation will be repeated over and over again when you find other books.


I believe this is the problem that majority have gone through.

But you dont want to end like this, so you google the methods and techniques of reading, and then find lots of tips.I am not saying these tips are wrong. But please take a minute to ask yourself this question: When you really need to carefully read through a book, do you have the ability to do it? I am afraid the answer is no.

Because there are a lot of skills in the world that cant be learned rapidly, and those skills that can be quickly acquired actually tend to be in poor competitiveness.


I used to read like that until I notice that there is no room for another book on my shelf, I decide to make some change in that moment.


The first thing I am doing is stopping buying more books before I finish all the books I already have. Then I will find others who are interested in the book as I do, I am sure you can easily find these guys on the Internet. Then we plan together and have a deal when and how many pages we read every day, we will discuss immediately after reading, and eventually, we make it. We finish one book every week, and the feeling couldnt be better.


I believe that reading a book from A to Z is valuable. On the one hand, the solid training is the key role of ability training for our growth. On the other hand, I believe the book I choose on my own is worth to read, study, experience and practice.

So there is no shortcut for reading, just step by step.