Advantages and Application of PC Strand Wire

Advantages and Application of PC Strand Wire


PC strand wire is used in various industries. Here we will introduce the advantages and applications of PC strand wire.

Stranded wire is widely used in many industries. The prestressed concrete strand was put into practice in the 1950s. However, the basic principle of prestressing is not only applicable to steel strands but also has great application in other fields.

What is  PC strand wire?

A prestressed strand is a stranded steel cable consisting of 2, 3, 7, or 19 high strength steel wires that have been stress-relieved (stabilized) and are suitable for prestressed concrete or similar purposes.

The main characteristics of the prestressed strand are high strength and good relaxation, in addition to the more straight expansion. The common tensile strength grade is 1,860 MPa, and there are other strength grades like 1720, 1770, 1960, 2000, and 2100 MPa.This steel also has a high yield strength

The advantages of prestressed concrete strand structure and the application of prestress in concrete members are mainly to overcome the shortcoming of low tensile strength of concrete and make full use of high strength steel. When the stress of the tensile reinforcement reaches 250 MPa, the crack width reaches 0.2-0.3 m. At this time, the durability of the component is reduced and it is not suitable for high humidity or corrosive working environment. The function of the prestressed strand is to make the component produce the pre-compression stress before being subjected to the force, reduce or offset the tensile stress of the concrete caused by the load, so as to control the tensile stress level of the component, and even make the component in the state of compression.In order to avoid early cracks in reinforced concrete members, high-strength steel bars and high-strength concrete are fully used to improve their performance and durability.

PC strand wire uses and advantages

PC strand wire is a new type of efficient construction wire, widely used in Bridges, viaducts, wharves, rock, and soil anchorage, and large span buildings.

(1) Prestressed concrete strand due to the effective use of high strength steel strand and coagulant, so it can be made than ordinary reinforced concrete span and small weight of slender load-bearing structure;

(2) Prestressing can improve the performance of the concrete structure, thus preventing concrete cracking, or at least limiting the crack width to a harmless degree, which increases the durability of the structure;

(3) The deformation of the structure can be controlled in a small state even if the partial prestress is applied under service load;

(4) Prestressed concrete strand structure has high fatigue resistance, even if partial prestressing technology is adopted, the variation range of reinforcement stress is small;

(5) In prestressed concrete members, as long as the reinforcement strain is less than 0.01%, the crack caused by an overload may be closed again after unloading the load.

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