Distinction Between Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands and Wire Ropes

Distinction Between Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands and Wire Ropes


In engineering, many workers will call steel stranded as wire rope, but in fact, there is a big difference between the two. So here is the difference between prestressed concrete steel strand and steel wire rope.

In fact, PC steel strand and steel wire rope are completely different concepts. They cannot be confused. The following aspects can see that they are very different.

Application occasions

PC steel strand  is used for pure tension and double-ended anchoring. In fact, it is equivalent to twisting several small-diameter steel bars together and using them as large-diameter steel bars. The wire rope is used in a very complex transmission system. In addition to bearing all the pulling force, the direction of the pulling force must be changed through pulleys. The wire rope itself has to withstand huge bending, torsion, and extrusion forces, so the structure is completely different from that of steel strands. line. Usually, the steel wire is very thin, there will be a rope core, etc. The high-grade steel wire rope is very precise to ensure performance and provide the greatest safety guarantee. Of course, there are also many shoddy steel wire ropes. If you are not careful, it will cause huge economic losses and personal injuries.

In terms of the same purpose, PC steel strand is used for shaft support, while steel wire rope is used for shaft hoisting. Literally speaking, it means one deformation due to deformation, and one elastic deformation due to torsional tension. The mode of action is different.

Execution specification

Wire rope is mostly used in places such as hoisting, installation or dragging, and is a construction tool, while PC steel strand is presented as a construction material. Moreover, the steel strand is relatively thick, and it is not easy to cause accidents when used. The steel wire rope is used in conjunction with hemp rope and is not as stable as the steel strand during use.

Express specifications

The diameter of the steel wire rope is very small, while the steel strand is relatively thick, and the specifications are expressed in terms of strength and outer diameter. Although wire ropes and PC strands are steel products, PC strand specifications, and wire rope specifications are completely different. Although the technical terms are the same, they are completely different. They must not be used as substitutes for each other.

Bundling method

The former uses very thin (about 1mm in diameter) steel wire and the latter uses thick steel wires (with a diameter of more than 5mm) noose. The steel wire rope can be used with hemp rope, and the steel strand does not use hemp rope.

In short, each steel wire making up the prestressed steel strand is thicker than the thin steel wire making up the wire rope. In terms of performance, PC steel strand has high strength, small deformation, and poor toughness. Steel wire rope has good toughness and large deformation.

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