Repair Process of Broken Wires and Slipped Wires of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands

Repair Process of Broken Wires and Slipped Wires of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands


When using prestressed concrete steel strands, if there is any broken or slipped wire, we must repair it in time. This article will introduce the repair process of broken wires and slipped wires in prestressed concrete steel strands.

When using steel strands for prestressed concrete, if the correct steps are not followed or quality problems, the prestressed concrete steel strand may break or slip. Moreover, once these two conditions exceed the usable specification value, then it needs to be uninstalled again for replacement. If it is not exceeded, some methods can be used to make up for it. The following is the method of making up and replacing the steel strand.

Broken wire


Generally, the way to make up is to make up for the stress by over-tensioning. In this way, it should be carried out according to the specific loss value. Mainly by improving and compensating for the stress loss caused by the broken wire of the prestressed concrete steel wire strand, because the broken wire will cause the stress of the prestressed concrete strand to be too low. Once it exceeds a certain value, it needs to be repeated replace.


There are several steps in the replacement. First of all, the tow of the steel bundle must be relaxed. The specific method is to first install the jack according to the working state when tensioned and to wedge the steel wire in the chuck. Then stretch a section. When the wire is stressed, it will stretch and the anchor plug will be pulled out slightly. After that, immediately clamp the thread of the anchor plug with a steel drill. At this time, the main cylinder will slowly start to return oil, and the steel wire will shrink inward, but the anchor plug will not be displaced because it is stuck. In this way, both the wire and anchor can be pulled out and then replaced.
Slipped wire

Generally, if there is a problem with a single sliding wire, then a single bur is performed, and the wire is also wedge tightly on the chuck. If the anchor plug cannot be pulled out after the wedge is tightened, then first remove the wire on one of the chucks. This can force a small number of wires to spin out. At this time, the anchor plug is the same as the one on the pile. The fixing force is reduced a lot, and then pulling the anchor plug is much easier.

When we use steel strands for prestressed concrete, we need to strictly follow the standards and procedures to avoid such broken and slipped wires. If you want to know more about prestressed concrete steel strands after reading the above content, you can contact us for more detailed solutions. At the same time, we also produce high-quality prestressed concrete steel strand products.

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