How to Prevent Prestressed Concrete Strands from Rusting?

How to Prevent Prestressed Concrete Strands from Rusting?


If the prestressed concrete steel strands are corroded, their structural performance will be affected. This article will specifically introduce the anti-rust method of prestressed concrete steel strands.

two major anti-rust methods of prestressed concrete steel strands

If the prestressed concrete steel strands are corroded in a small area, some treatments can be used to remove the rust. But if there is a large area of ​​rust, it will seriously affect its structural performance, so we must do a good job in preventing rust. The following are two major anti-rust methods of prestressed concrete steel strands.

Anti-rust coating

1. Use fine emery cloth or sandpaper to lightly polish the exposed red rust part of the prestressed concrete steel strands out of the steel body without red rust.

2. Use a brush to remove rust on the exposed red rust part of the prestressed concrete steel strand in the early stage. After the high-efficiency rust and rust inhibitor reacts with the rust part of the steel strand surface completely, after the rust is completely removed, there is no rust on the surface. (FeO) rusts, and forms a hardened film after natural drying.

3. Generally, one time for slight and moderate corrosion, and two or more times for heavier corrosion. The number of treatments is determined on site according to actual conditions. After painting, the surface of the steel strand must be sufficiently dry.

4. Use CSZ0055 spray paint as primer to spray the exposed parts after treatment. According to actual experience, the thickness is about 40μm.

5. Before using CSZ0055 spray paint, be sure to stir the product evenly before using it for painting. In order to obtain a thicker coating, after the above coating is completely dried, according to the actual situation of the site, if necessary, apply another layer of CSZ0055 spray paint. The coating will be about 50~70μm. After the treatment, the anti-rust ability of the anti-rust coating will reach more than 18 years.

6. When painting, try to make the thickness of the painting even, not to miss, not to sag, and to reach the specified thickness of the coating. Under normal temperature conditions, it can be painted once every 2 hours. In the control of time, the actual drying of the coating should be used as a guideline.

7. On the basis of the above coating treatment, apply a layer of CSZ0032 spray paint (2-3μm), and the surface will show a silver-white coating after drying.

Rust Remover 

Rust remover is a high-performance product that forms a polymer adhesion structure like paint. Simple methods such as painting or spraying at room temperature can quickly decompose the rust and transform it into a layer at the same time. The metal protective film with anti-rust performance can achieve excellent rust removal and anti-rust positive effects. It belongs to a new generation of environmentally friendly products with no three wastes during production and use. But pay attention to the following aspects in use.

(1) The rust remover is a weak acid solution. It has no obvious irritation in contact with normal skin. It can be washed with water, but it should avoid contact with wounds or mouth into the eyes; there is no obvious corrosion reaction to clothing and leather, just wash it clean in time.

(2) The rust remover should be shaken evenly before use. After the rust remover is poured out of the packaging barrel, the unused residual liquid cannot be repacked into the packaging barrel, otherwise it will affect the quality and use effect of the original product in the packaging barrel.

(3) If the rust remover is only used to remove local rust, it can be fully painted on the rusted surface, and the rust can be wiped off with a clean rag after 15-20 minutes.

(5) After the rust remover is applied to the rusted part and dried, it is normal if a small amount of white spots appear locally. Appropriate dilution with water will help reduce the phenomenon of white spots, but it should meet the premise that the rust removal effect of this product is fully guaranteed;

(6) In principle, the rust remover is based on the original solution. If it is diluted with water, the use effect of the product may be weakened and other unpredictable situations may occur.

Prestressed concrete steel strands need to be placed on a dry ground in normal use to avoid moisture leakage. And it needs to be covered by rain cloth to avoid corrosion by moisture in the air. If you want to learn more about prestressed concrete steel strands after reading the above, you can contact us for professional solutions.

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