7 Advantages of Metal Corrugated Ducts

7 Advantages of Metal Corrugated Ducts


Metal corrugated ducts are widely used in prestressed concrete structures of many buildings because of their excellent performance. This article will specifically introduce the advantages of metal corrugated ducts.

the specific advantages of metal corrugated ducts

Metal corrugated ducts not only have the ability to adapt to the deformation of the foundation, but also can solve the problem of drainage pipe damage caused by uneven foundation. Moreover, the metal corrugated ducts have excellent stress characteristics due to the existence of axial corrugations. The followings are the specific advantages of metal corrugated ducts.

Good performance

It has good hoop rigidity and axial flexibility, anti-deformation ability, and strong foundation adaptability, and can meet the special requirements of bad geology. Its interaction makes the structure reasonable, load distribution uniform, and the overall flexibility greatly improves the fatigue performance and seismic resistance of the structure, and there is no concrete shrinkage, creep, temperature cracking, and other problems.


A large number of engineering examples show that the service life of galvanized corrugated steel pipes can reach 50-100 years.

Easy to operate

During transportation and on-site splicing construction, there is no need for large-scale machinery and equipment, and most splicing only needs to be operated manually. The construction is convenient and fast, easy to operate, and is conducive to cost reduction and quality cont

Considerable economic benefits

Engineering practice shows that the construction cost of corrugated steel pipe bridges and culverts is lower than that of reinforced concrete or masonry bridges and culverts of the same span, especially for areas with poor geology and topography, the economic benefits are more considerable.

Strong applicability

Corrugated steel pipe bridges and culverts can be applied to a variety of complex terrain and geological conditions, especially suitable for special areas such as frozen soil, expansive soil, soft soil, collapsible loess, high fill, and goaf areas, and earthquake-prone areas.

Environmental protection, low carbon

Conventional building materials such as cement, wood, sand, and gravel are reduced or completely abandoned, and spoiled soil (slag) is rationally used. The damage to the environment is small, and the noise and vibration are small, which is conducive to environmental protection and reduces carbon emissions.

Fewer maintenance

The galvanized corrugated steel pipe has strong corrosion resistance, and the structure does not need to be equipped with vulnerable parts such as expansion joints and supports, and almost no maintenance is required in the later operation.

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