The Manufacturing Technology of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands

The Manufacturing Technology of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands


Only in strict accordance with the technological process, the final quality of the prestressed concrete steel strands can be guaranteed. This article will specifically introduce the manufacturing process of prestressed concrete strands.

the manufacturing process of the prestressed steel strand

The manufacturing process of the prestressed concrete strand determines the quality of the strand, so how to grasp the process is a very important issue in manufacturing. Let's take a look at the manufacturing process of the prestressed steel strand.

Process flow

Qualified semi-finished steel wires-twisted strands-first tension-frequency tempering-water cooling-drying-second tension-take-up-inner packaging inspection.

Operating procedures

(1) The wiring requirement is that seven semi-finished steel wires of the same length and the same strength level are used as a group, and the core wire is used as a special identification.

(2) Threading needs to lift the already-made shaft according to the product specifications, and then put it in the twisting machine.

(3) According to the requirements, you need to use a micrometer to measure before loading the shaft, and then put the core wire into the sixth rotating barrel.

(4) Take the wire head out of the hole of the I-shaped wheel axle, then use an iron plate to adjust the wire to 500 mm, and then thread the wire as required until the seven wires have been threaded.

(5) The seven wires must pass through the wire mold, and then tie them with iron wires. It is determined that the line is brought forward, which can meet the length of 4-5 laps around the big wheel of the reduction gearbox.

(6) After winding the pre-stressed steel-stranded wire around the big wheel four 4-5 times, lead the thread end to the spool of the take-up wire.

(7) Pin the safety pin of the I-shaped, then adjust the damping, tighten to the first level, and finally close the safety cover.

(8) After checking that there are no other errors, then start the equipment. In the production process, the twisted strands should be inspected, and if there is indeed no abnormality, we can continue.

(9) Check the remaining condition of the spool wire, open the safety cover and safety pin, use scissors to cut the remaining steel wire, then remove the empty shaft, and then reinstall a new one.

(10) Use a welding machine to complete the connection of the two wires, and then use a grinding wheel to smooth it.

(11) After welding, wind the thread on the spool, and put the safety pin and safety cover.

(12) Loosen the deformer and the molding block, and make a mark on the front.

(13) Before starting the twisting machine, pay attention to the position of the next welding head. After passing through the wire closing die, make a mark and finally fill in the record of the process card.

Only by strictly the steps of the above process flow, the final performance of the prestressed concrete strands can be guaranteed. If you want to obtain relevant information and solutions after reviewing the above, you can seek professional advice by contacting CHUNPENG.

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