How to Prevent Broken Wire and Slipped Wire of Prestressed Steel Wire?

How to Prevent Broken Wire and Slipped Wire of Prestressed Steel Wire?


If the prestressed steel wire has broken and slipped wires, it will seriously affect its structure and performance. This article will specifically introduce methods to prevent broken wire and slipped wire of prestressed steel wires.

the reasons and preventive measures for broken wire and slipped wire of the prestressed steel wire

When the prestressed steel wire is stretched and anchored, due to various reasons, broken wire and slipped wire of the prestressed tendons occur, which causes the prestressed steel strands to receive uneven force, causing the components to fail to reach the required prestressing degree. The followings are the reasons and preventive measures for broken wire and slipped wire of the prestressed steel wire.

Cause Analysis

(1) The diameter of the actually used prestressed steel wire is too large, the anchor and the clip are not closely attached, and the wire breaks or slips easily during tension.

(2) The pre-stressed strands are not combed and braided according to the specified requirements, so that the length of the steel strands is different or crossed, resulting in uneven stress on the steel wire during tension, and broken wire is likely to occur.

(3) The size of the anchor clamp is not accurate, the error of the clip is large, the hardness of the clip is not matched with the prestressed tendon, and the wire is easy to break and slip.

(4) Prevent the anchor ring from being in an inaccurate position, the supporting pad is inclined, and the jack is installed incorrectly, which will cause the prestressed steel bundle to break.

(5) During construction welding, connect the grounding wire to the pre-stressed tendons, causing a short circuit between the steel wires to damage the steel wires, and broken wire during tensioning.

(6) It takes too long to penetrate the steel strands into the reserved holes, causing the steel wires to rust, and the concrete mortar remains on the steel strands without being cleaned up, resulting in the slipped wire during tensioning.

(7) The oil pressure gauge is out of order, causing excessive tension, which may cause broken wire.


(1) Before threading, the prestressed steel strands must be combed and bundled according to the regulations and bound correctly.

(2) Before tensioning, the anchor clamps shall be inspected according to the requirements of the specification, especially the hardness of the clamps must be measured, and the unqualified ones shall be replaced.

(3) When tensioning the prestressed tendons, the anchors and jacks must be installed accurately.

(4) When the pre-stressed tension reaches a certain tonnage, if the oil pressure is found to drop, and the oil will drop again when refueling, the broken wire may occur at this time. If a broken wire occurs, the pre-stressed steel strand should be replaced and the pre-stressed tension should be performed again. pull.

(5) It is strictly forbidden to use the prestressed tendons as the ground wire during welding, and it is not allowed to burn the bellows and the prestressed tendons by electric welding.

(6) The steel strands at the tensioning end must be cleaned up before tensioning and should be replaced if rust occurs.

(7) Before tensioning, the calibration jack and oil pressure gauge must be accurately inspected by the authoritative department.

(8) After the broken wire occurs, the tension of other bundles can be increased to compensate. Replace with a new bundle and use spare holes to increase pre-stressed beams.

We should do a good job in the storage and maintenance of the prestressed steel wire in normal times to reduce the probability of broken wire or slipped wire during construction. If you want to know more about the prestressed steel wire after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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