How to Maintain Metal Corrugated Ducts?

How to Maintain Metal Corrugated Ducts?


The correct maintenance of the metal corrugated ducts can prevent its structure from being damaged during construction, thereby ensuring its good performance. This article will specifically introduce the maintenance method of metal corrugated ducts.

the specific advantages of metal corrugated ducts

The metal corrugated duct is a flexible, thin-walled, and transversely corrugated tube shell part. It has both elastic characteristics and sealing characteristics. It can produce axial, angular, lateral, and combined displacements under the action of external force and moment, and the sealing performance is very good. Doing the following maintenance work for the metal corrugated ducts can greatly extend its service life.

(1) The metal corrugated pipe is a hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with a service life of 80-100 years. When used in corrosive environments, steel bellows with layered leaching of the inner and outer surfaces can be used, which can increase the service life by about 20 years on the basis of the original service life.

(2) When the metal corrugated ducts are hot-dipped galvanized for metal anti-corrosion treatment, the zinc adhesion of the metal corrugated ducts should meet the requirements.

The adhesion of zinc is measured by the antimony chloride method, and the thickness of the zinc layer can also be measured directly with a coating thickness gauge. In case of dispute, the antimony chloride method shall be used as the arbitration test method.

(3) The surface coating of the metal corrugated ducts should be uniform and complete, the color should be consistent, and the surface should be practical and smooth.

(4) The surface of the electroplated parts should be free of defects such as missing plating and exposed iron.

(5)After hot-dip galvanizing, the threaded components should be cleaned or centrifuged. The zinc layer of the metal corrugated ducts should be uniform, and the sample should be corroded 5 times with copper sulfate solution without reddening. The new layer of the metal corrugated ducts shall be firmly combined with the base material, and the galvanized layer shall not peel off or bulge after the hammer test.

(6) After the installation of the metal corrugated ducts is completed and approved by the supervision project, the backfill operation will be carried out. Layered backfill on both sides of the pipe joints uses cohesive soil and compacts them with small compaction machines.

(7) Wrap a large corrugated culvert pipe with a length of 0.3m around the metal corrugated pipe joint, tighten both ends in half, leaving no gap in the middle. To ensure that there is no gap in the middle, mark the ends of the two joints. After completion, wrap it tightly with tape to prevent slurry leakage.

(8) The positioning of the metal corrugated ducts should be accurate, especially near the joint. When pouring concrete, it is not allowed to unload by metal corrugated ducts. The vibrating rod cannot collide with the metal corrugated ducts, and it is strictly forbidden for metal corrugated ducts to vibrate between the two vibrating rods.

When using metal corrugated ducts, if we can pay more attention to the above matters, it will prevent the structure of the metal corrugated ducts from being damaged and maintain good performance. If you want to know more about metal corrugated ducts after reading the above, you can get professional and comprehensive solutions by contacting us.

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