How to Test the Effect of Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire in Housing Construction?

How to Test the Effect of Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire in Housing Construction?


Prestressed concrete wire has good performance in different application scenarios. In order to verify this fact, this article will specifically test the effect of prestressed concrete wire in housing construction.

the operating process of the prestressed steel wire

Steel wire for prestressed concrete is a new type of prestressed steel that has gradually emerged in recent years. Because of its advantages of high strength, good plasticity, surface scratches, and good straightening, it is used in more and more construction fields. It is used to replace large-size ordinary construction steel and has the advantages of saving steel, energy, and reducing costs.

In the process of building construction, steel for steel bars in slabs, stirrups, and other parts generally use steel wires for prestressed concrete as building steel bars without tensioning.

In order to verify the use effect of prestressed concrete steel wire in housing construction, we use the prestressed concrete steel wire in a non-prestressed condition, that is, use the prestressed steel wire as an ordinary building steel bar. For the convenience of comparison, the ordinary HPB235 is used at the same time Hot-rolled wire rod is tested under the same conditions as construction steel.

(1) The two precast slabs all use the same external dimensions, the same concrete strength, the same number and size of reinforcement, the same curing time, and the same test conditions. The only difference lies in the material and specifications of the steel used.

(2) Concrete compressive strength: C25, curing cycle 28 d, on a 4 200×500×130 formwork, two kinds of steel wires are respectively arranged into a 200×100 grid-like steel mesh.

(3) During the test, cement standard bricks weighing 3.4kg were used as the loading load and gradually added to the prefabricated board evenly.

(4) Load the prefabricated plate made of an HPB 235 hot-rolled wire rod. When the load reaches 0.96t, the prefabricated plate begins to deform, and cracks appear. With time, the amount of deformation gradually increases. After 1h At the maximum, the deformation of the board reached 250 mm, and the prefabricated board was severely deformed and failed.

(5) Load the precast slab made of steel wire for prestressed concrete with a reinforcement of φ4.8mm. When the load reaches 0.86t, the precast slab does not change; when the load reaches 1.14t, the precast slab begins to deform. There is bending, the deformation of the plate is 42mm, and there is no crack.

When loaded to 1.34t, the prefabricated plate continued to deform, and the deformation amount was 45mm, without cracks; when loaded to 1.96t, the prefabricated plate deformation reached 100mm, and cracks began to appear; when loaded to 2.3t, the number of cracks increased; loaded to 2.83t When there are more cracks, the cracks are small, and the deformation reaches 150mm; when the load continues to 3t, the prefabricated plate breaks.

(6) Use 6.5mm HPB235 construction wire rod and 4.8mm 1570MPa prestressed concrete steel wire respectively, under non-prestressed conditions, use the same process to make concrete precast slabs.

The test results show that: the prefabricated slab made of construction wire rod has cracks and deformation when the load-bearing capacity is 0.96t. As time passes, the deformation gradually increases, the cracks propagate, and the prefabricated slab fails; the precast is made of prestressed steel wire When the load-bearing capacity reaches 1.34t, the prefabricated plate has no cracks, and deformation of 45mm occurs, which is elastic deformation.

Cracks appear when it reaches 1.96t, indicating that the prefabricated plate is damaged and begins to fail. When the bearing capacity reaches 3t, the prefabricated plate is completely destroyed and fractured.

(7) The amount of steel used per unit area of the prefabricated plate, the use of prestressed steel wire is 2kg/m2 less than the use of hot-rolled steel bars, which can save a lot of steel. In the case of severe overload (more than 3 times), the prefabricated plate using prestressed steel wire will appear brittle fracture.

Under the same load, the load-bearing capacity of the concrete floor slab made of prestressed steel wire can fully meet the construction requirements. The load-bearing capacity of concrete floor slabs made of prestressed steel wires is twice that of concrete floor slabs made of hot-rolled steel bars.

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