What Are the Advantages of Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire in Construction?

What Are the Advantages of Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire in Construction?


Prestressed concrete steel wires are widely used in building structures, and they also have advantages that other steel structures cannot match. Today, let’s talk about the advantages of prestressed concrete steel wire in construction.

the advantages of prestressed concrete steel wires in construction

Compared with ordinary steel wire concrete structures, the prestressed concrete structure has many advantages. In construction applications, we can often see that prestressed concrete steel wires are widely used. The following are the advantages of prestressed concrete steel wires in construction.

1. Improve performance in the use phase

The use of prestress in tension and bending components can delay the occurrence of cracks and reduce the width of cracks at higher load levels; the use of prestressing can also reduce or even eliminate the deflection under the load, so it can span a large space, Build a large-span structure.

2. Improve bearing capacity

The application of longitudinal prestress can delay the formation of oblique cracks in concrete members and improve their bearing capacity.

3. Improve the recovery ability after uninstallation

Once the load on the concrete member is removed, the prestress will completely close the cracks, which greatly improves the elastic recovery ability of the structural member.

4. Improve fatigue strength

The effect of prestressing can reduce the stress cycle amplitude in the steel wire, and the fatigue failure of the concrete structure is generally controlled by the fatigue of the steel wire (rather than the fatigue of the concrete).

5. Make full use of high-strength steel to reduce structural weight

In ordinary steel-wire concrete structures, due to cracks and deflection problems, it is impossible to give full play to its strength if high-strength steel is used. For example, 1860Mpa grade high-strength steel strands, if used in ordinary steel-wire concrete structures, the strength of the steel is less than 20%, and its structural performance has long been unable to meet the requirements of use, with wide cracks and large deflection.

The use of prestressing technology can not only control the performance of the structure during use but also make full use of the potential of high-strength steel. In this way, the use of prestressing can greatly save the amount of steel and reduce the cross-sectional size and the amount of concrete, which has significant economic benefits.

6. Adjustable internal force of structure

The effect of the prestressed steel wire on the concrete structure is used as a reverse load to balance all and part of the external load, and it becomes a means to adjust the internal force and deformation of the structure. Therefore, modern prestressed concrete is an indispensable and important structural material and technology for the construction of building structures and engineering structures.

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