How to Construct Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands in Bridge Engineering?

How to Construct Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands in Bridge Engineering?


Prestressed concrete strand construction is the most commonly used technology in bridge construction. This article will specifically introduce the construction steps and precautions of prestressed concrete steel strands.

the matters needing attention when tensioning prestressed concrete strands

Prestressed construction technology is one of the commonly used construction techniques in bridge construction. The promotion and application of this technology not only promotes the overall improvement of the safety and stability of the bridge but also promotes a substantial increase in the overall service life of the bridge project.

In addition, because the prestressed concrete steel strand itself has the characteristics of high strength and high rigidity, the application of this technology in bridge construction has also promoted the overall improvement of the economic and social benefits of bridge engineering. The followings are the construction steps and precautions for prestressed concrete steel strands.

Construction steps

(1) Do a good job in the installation of prestressed pipes. Materials such as anchor plates and prestressed plastic corrugated pipes are used for the installation of corrugated pipes. Pay attention to the accurate positioning of the corrugated pipes during construction. Cast the top surface of the box girder or the support platform as the steel strand cutting place and cut the steel strands one by one with a grinding wheel saw.

(2) The anchoring end of the prestressed tendons is fixed by P anchors. In order to ensure the construction quality of P anchors, when the original materials enter the site, the size matching test is carried out with vernier calipers, including the extrusion spring, the extrusion head, and the entire bundle of steel strands after extrusion. Line inspection.

(3) Fix the nominal position of the anchor end anchor plate according to the P anchor design drawing, and after the root of the P-chain anchor is pulled against the anchor plate, fix one end of the anchor.

(4) Install the anchor ring. After the concrete is poured and cured, the anchor ring is installed. After the jack has completed the standard and the concrete reaches the design strength, the jack will be installed for tension construction. Then carry out pre-stressed tensioning construction. The last step is to seal the anchor, after the completion of the prestressing construction, the transverse reinforcement bundles shall be sealed.


1. The life span of the construction project is affected because the prestressed concrete steel strands in the tensioning equipment are in service under high stress. Therefore, it must be strictly controlled by the construction, design, and steel manufacturing plants to ensure that the quality of the project is foolproof.

2. Galvanizing can be used as an effective and reliable steel anti-corrosion method. In the application of prestressed concrete steel strands, direct contact with concrete grouting should be avoided, and hot-dip galvanizing should be used.

3. Among the non-metallic anti-corrosion coatings, the unbonded steel strand and the entire steel strand coated with plastic have good anti-corrosion performance and market operability.

The correct construction method and construction process can effectively exert the excellent performance of the prestressed concrete steel strand, and vice versa, it will affect the strength and quality of the entire construction project. If you want to know more about prestressed concrete steel strands after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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