Precautions and Safety Measures for Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands During Construction

Precautions and Safety Measures for Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands During Construction


The prestressed concrete steel strand must be operated in a standardized manner during the construction process to ensure the safety of the construction site. This article will specifically introduce the precautions and safety measures of using prestressed concrete strands.

the precautions and safety measures of using prestressed concrete strands

In order to ensure the performance of the prestressed concrete strands and the safety of the construction site, we must pay attention to the following precautions and safety measures when operating.


1. Take 3 reels from each batch of steel strands at will, and cut a sample from the normal part of the ends of the selected steel strands of each reel for surface quality, diameter deviation, and mechanical performance tests. If each batch is less than 3 trays, samples should be taken from each tray for the above test.

If one of the test results is unqualified, it shall be discarded on the unqualified tray, and a double sample shall be taken from the batch of untested steel strands for re-inspection of the unqualified item. If there is still one unqualified, Then the batch of steel strands is unqualified. The weight of each batch of steel strands is not more than 60t.

2. It is necessary to prevent the strands from popping and hurting people when the steel strands are cut. Non-tension workers are not allowed to walk in the blanking work site. The whole bundle of steel strands should be fixed before cutting, and they can be pulled away when they are ejected. When adjusting, you should stand on the back of the ejection of the steel strand.

3. The appearance quality, hardness and static load anchorage performance tests of anchorages and fixtures should be carried out in accordance with the corresponding specifications.

4. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the direction of the jack during tensioning. Each clip must be put in place to prevent it from flying out and hurting people during tensioning.

5. After grouting, remove the ball valves at both ends to observe the anchor pad. If the grout hole cement slurry is relatively strong and does not flow, pressing it with your hand can leave a vague guideline, indicating that the strength of the cement slurry has increased faster.

6. Observe in time after 2 days of grouting. If the hardened cement of the grouting hole is slightly convex, it can indicate that the cement slurry is very full.

7. Strictly carry out strength testing: take any 30 sets of test pieces made by 10 work shifts, the strength of 3d should exceed 30MPa, and the strength of 7d should meet the design requirements.

8. The slurry should be strictly controlled according to the construction mix ratio.

9. Welding work must not be carried out near the corrugated pipe and steel strand. If it is necessary, protective measures must be taken for the corrugated pipe and steel strand.

Safety measures

1. When working in front of the tensioning axis of the prestressed tendons and at high places, no one should stand between the edge of the structure and the equipment.

2. Routine inspections should be carried out before the oil pump is used. The key point is that the safety valve cannot be opened automatically under the set oil pressure.

3. The oil pipeline is "three-not-used", that is, there is no need for damaged oil pipelines, no excuses for damage, and the interface nut is not tightened and is not used if it is not in place.

4. The oil pump used must not exceed the rated oil pressure, and the jack must not exceed the specified maximum tension stroke. The connection between the oil pump and the jack must be in place.

5. Electricity should be done: good grounding, no exposed power supply, no live maintenance, and maintenance work performed by an electrician.

6. When cutting tendons, prevent the broken tendons from flying out and hurting people.

7. In addition to the pre-stress construction, comply with the above regulations. The relevant regulations on construction safety at construction sites must also be observed.

8. During the construction process, consciously form environmental protection awareness to minimize the noise and environmental pollution caused by construction.

9. The tensioning equipment is regularly maintained and maintained to avoid oil leakage from the tubing and polluting the work surface.

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