Precautions in the Application of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands

Precautions in the Application of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands


This article specifically shares the precautions during the application of prestressed concrete strands, which can help everyone avoid damaging the structure and performance of the prestressed concrete strands during use.

 the precautions during the application of prestressed concrete strands

The prestressed concrete steel strand is made of a high-carbon steel wire rod, which is cold drawn into steel wire after surface treatment, and then a certain number of steel wires are twisted into strands according to the steel strand structure, and then they are formed through a stress-relieving stabilization process. If you want to ensure the structure and performance of the prestressed concrete steel strands, you must pay attention to the following matters during the application process.

1. It is strictly forbidden to use any heating deformation measures in the use of prestressed steel strands, so as not to reduce the mechanical properties of the prestressed steel strands.

2. Welding is strictly prohibited in the use of prestressed concrete steel strands, because the strength of the solder joints is much lower than that of the steel strands, and it is easy to cause wire breakage at the solder joints during tension.

3. The cutting of prestressed steel should use gearless (grinding wheel card). Electric and gas welding cutting is easy to damages the appearance of the steel. At the same time, local heating of the end is caused, which makes the performance drop significantly.

4. When the prestressed steel wire adopts cyclic reinforcement, its bending radius shall not be less than 3 times the diameter of the steel wire.

5. The steel strands that are packaged in rolls without shafts should be tapped from the inner ring and laid out in a vertical position.

6. The twist direction of the prestressed concrete steel strand is usually left twist. When using the right twist, it should be noted in time, otherwise, the direct use will affect the coordination with the anchor.

7. The quality of the prestressed steel strand heading is not directly related to the quality of the steel strand itself, but too high strength will not be conducive to the quality of the steel strand heading. Therefore, when you choose the heading anchor, you should Explain to the manufacturer in the order.

8. The prestressed steel strand itself does not have the performance of anti-corrosion and anti-rust, so when storing it, it should be placed in a relatively dry room, preferably not in direct contact with the ground. If it is placed outdoors, a rain- and moisture-proof cloth should be built on the ground.

In addition, the prestressed steel strand should be used up in a short time. If it is to be used in a special environment, rust-proof packaging should be used in the order. Floating rust on the appearance of prestressed steel does not affect its use, but severe corrosion will affect its mechanical properties.

9. Hoisting of prestressed steel strands: The hoisting of prestressed steel should be hoisted in order, orderly, and with gaps. Unbonded prestressed tendons should be hoisted in parallel with three brown rope grommets, and it is strictly forbidden to hoist them directly with steel wire ropes. Coiled steel strands should be used with forklifts or special lifting tools to prevent the steel belt from breaking and causing loose bales.

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