7 Principles That Need to Be Followed During the Tensioning Process of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands

7 Principles That Need to Be Followed During the Tensioning Process of Prestressed Concrete Steel Strands


Based on years of experience, CHUNPENG has summarized the principles that need to be followed during the stretching process of prestressed concrete steel strands, so as to better play the engineering role of steel strands.

 the prestressed concrete steel wire mechanical properties test method

The prestressed anchorage material is a necessary engineering tool in the tensioning of prestressed concrete strands. The engineering function of the anchorage is only anchoring and tensioning. First of all, let's have a preliminary understanding of some basic knowledge of the tension anchorage of the steel strand. Strand tension anchor is a very common material in prestressed anchor systems, and it is often written as YJM/YM15-N and YJM/YM13-N in engineering terms.

Among them, Y is usually understood as a ground anchor, which is also one of the representative meanings of tension anchors. M stands for anchorage, 15/13 stands for steel strand (anchor cable, in slope protection engineering, steel strand is customarily called anchor cable), and N represents the number of holes in the anchor. For example, YM15-3 is a 3-hole anchor with a 15.24mm steel strand.

After introducing the basic knowledge of steel strand tension anchors, let's talk about the precautions of prestressed concrete steel strands in the tensioning process.

1. When installing the anchor, the anchor plate should be aligned with the top of the backing plate; the clip should be flush after installation and tap with a special tool if necessary, but the clip should not be damaged by heavy knocking;

2. When tensioning construction, the corresponding limit plate and tool anchor must be matched according to the specifications of the working anchor;

3. During the period from the application of prestress to the packaging after anchoring, unless effective shielding measures are taken, the operator shall not move directly in front of the anchor, and shall not strike the steel strand or anchor by gravity; when removing excess steel strand, ensure that the anchor is not Affected by the cutting head, it is recommended to use a grinding wheel for cutting, and it is forbidden to use electric welding and oxygen cutting;

4. Before the sample static load test, the user should clean the clamps and anchor plate holes, and the clamps should be installed symmetrically and flush, otherwise it will affect the static load test performance;

5. The anchor should be kept properly, and there should be no embroideries, water, and other dirt in use; there should be no current conduction. Before installing the anchor, please clean up the dust and dirt on the steel strand of the anchor clamping section, so as to avoid the rust and dirt filling the tooth grooves of the clip during tension and causing slippage;

6. Please strictly verify the strength and diameter of the steel strand. When the steel strand is corroded, it cannot be effectively tensioned and anchored. Before installing the anchor plate, please check whether there is any leakage and bonding of the prestressed tendons in the prestressed ducts, if any, it should be eliminated;

7. The working clamp can be installed into the anchor plate to clamp the steel strand after removing the packing paper. However, when the pre-stressed bundle is longer (more than 36 meters) or the single bundle exceeds 12 steel strands, it should be coated on the cone hole of the anchor plate. A small amount of lubricant (such as anchoring spirit) to facilitate the follow-up of the clip, anchor withdrawal, and anchoring, to prevent wire breakage.

Prestressed concrete strand tensioning is to add tension in advance to the component, so that the prestressed tension component bears the stress, which in turn causes it to produce a certain deformation to cope with the load on the structure itself. If you want to know more about this after reading the above, CHUNPENG is happy to share relevant knowledge with you.

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